Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Christmas?

I have been mildly successful with my winter break goals so far. Mildly is the key word there, but I still need to purchase Mere Christianity and Shadow of the Almighty.

On Sunday, I went to Jennifer's church, Lifesong, for their Sunday worship service and their first Christmas pageant. The Christmas program was unique from other ones I've seen in that it applied a multigenerational theme. The participants were not only elementary school children (which is what I've usually seen in the past), but the youth group, young adults, and elderly participated as well. Watching the Christmas pageant made me nostalgic for those many years ago, when I was in those Christmas programs back at New Life. The pastor said that the Christmas story is for all ages, which is so true. It's not just a celebration for young kids to perform, but it is one for everybody to take part in.

I love Christmas...always have. When I was younger, it used to be for the gifts and pretty decorations. After hitting sixth or seventh grade, I understood how things like toys, clothes, and money were really of little value. The Christmas spirit encompasses love, joy peace, and hope, for the first Christmas was a celebration of Christ's birth. With the modern times comes the bane of commercialization, where every holiday or event that had some significance became imbued with a superficial and frivolous nature. Christmas with presents, Thanksgiving with turkey, Easter with eggs, and Valentine's Day with flowers...all that wonderful materialism.

But this isn't a post to rant about commercialization of certain days. If it was, I'd have plenty more rants about commercialization of days...(i.e. Mother's Day, Father's Day)

This is a pretty random post with no clear direction as to what I'm writing. And since this is a random post, on a random sidenote, I was reminded yesteray of why I dislike listening to mainstream radio. I went to the airport with my mother to pick up my brother, and on our way back, I heard several of the same songs within the span of two to three hours. But then, I don't really know most of the songs playing since it's been ages since I've really listened to mainstream radio.

On another random sidenote, my brother was watching Mamma Mia! last night since my parents rented it, and we were both appalled to hear Pierce Brosnan sing. Nothing on the actor of course, and it's not like I can sing in general, but it's extremely difficult not to laugh. After all, "SOS" by ABBA is supposed to be a somewhat serious romantic song, but of course Mamma Mia! hams it up and adds the cheesy factor majorly. But then again, I expect too much from Mamma Mia! After all, it is a musical that was structured around hit ABBA songs, so can't expect much substance in the plot.

And one more random note: my gift wrapping and craft skills need some serious work. I pity my Secret Santa. Hopefully she'll like my gift when we do Secret Santa tonight.

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